Viver em Portugal

Portugal PT

PT a new life under the sun at only 2 hours from your home country and your family!

A friendly country of European culture where hospitality and human relations are words that still make sense.

A country where the sweetness of life is synonymous with soft prices.

…and on top of it – Portugal a tax haven for pensioners!

Since January 1, 2013, already thousands of European families have chosen to enjoy the status “RNH” (non usual residency) in Portugal.

This status is limited to the respect of 3 obligations

1) Having a residence in Portugal
2) Living in Portugal at least 183 days a year
3) Not having paid taxes in Portugal during the last 5 years

and allows to benefit from a “tax free status” for a period of 10 years …
No tax on the income constituted by the pensions (General Regime of the Social Security and Regimes of supplementary funds).

The objective of the Portuguese Government officially assumed is:

To maximize the installation of the foreign senior class to make Portugal “the little Florida of Europe”.
Hence this important tax benefit for pensioners.

Obrigado pelo seu apoio!

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