6 very usual selling mistakes in Portugal

Mistake 1 – Working with the wrong real estate agency

Selling your home could be the most important financial transaction in your lifetime. There are a lot of crucial questions to be asked before signing a contract with the agency. Do they have the Portuguese Government license AMI? When does the license expire? Do they have their insurance up to date? Do they work in the area where your property is located? Which type of services do they provide to their clients? Take your time when selecting a real estate agent. Ask them key questions and try to select the best in your eyes!

Mistake 2 - Bad or very small marketing

How does the website of your Portuguese broker rank in Google? How much clients enquiries does he receive per week? Which type of other marketing tools do they use? All these questions and much more should be clarified before signing the contract with a Portuguese real estate agency! Less than 0,5% of Portuguese properties are sold at open houses, and less than 3% are sold because of classified ads. Your Portuguese real estate broker will be your partner in the near future, so choose the agency carefully!

Mistake 3 - Signing a Contract with a Portuguese Real Estate agency

Hopefully you will have taken the time to choose the best Real Estate agency in Portugal for you. Many real estate agencies are only interested getting an exclusivity contract signed and will definitely not do anything else than to promote your property in their office and on their own website. Is this enough? Be sure to have control over your situation before signing a real estate agency contract.

Mistake 4 - "Hard Sell" during the property visit

During the property viewing the potential buyer should be able to comfortably examine your property. Never try forcefully selling and always be friendly. The first visit is never the time for negotiation or technical detailed and complicate explanations. Give the potential buyer the chance to feel from the beginning your wonderful home in Portugal.

Mistake 5 - "No showcase"

If you are trying to sell your home to potential buyers, do not forget to make your home look pleasant and nice. Make sure everything works and looks presentable, and take away as many personal things as you can. Paintings and repairs should be done before showing your Portuguese home. How will you find a buyer if your property looks miserable? Buying a house is always an emotional and difficult decision and everything has to be perfect to enable a quick sale.

Mistake 6 - Overpricing

Every property seller naturally wants to get the most money for his Portugal property, but overpriced properties takes long time to sell or don`t sell at all and usually end up being sold at a lower price than they likely would have had they been priced properly.