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A reliable and comprehensive property management service for your new Silver Coast property

Finally you are the happy owner of your new home on the Silver Coast Portugal and you are enjoying your holidays and the new experience of owning a property overseas, but what happens with your Portuguese dream home during the time that you are not in Portugal.

  • Who pays the condominium and community fees?
  • Who verifies and pay the telephone, internet, electricity, water, gas, house insurance, alarm and any other relevant bills?
  • Who looks after the annual payment of your Silver Coast property Tax?
  • Who will be linked to the security company if you have an alarm system in your Silver Coast home?
  • Who will keep you informed about any changes to your property or any new legal situations related with your and all the other properties in Portugal?
  • Who will solve the problems of eventual power cuts, flooding, equipment failures and other type of things which can happen in your home?
  • Who will look after your garden and your swimming pool?
  • And finally, who will do regular visits to check your home?

The answer for all these questions is simple:

“Villas Luz” Silver Coast Property Management Service!

Our monthly supervision facility can provide a full range of services to look after your Portuguese home and in addition to this service we provide a complete domestic repair and servicing facility using an experienced team of electricians, painters, plumbers and craftsmen in general.

Silver Coast property - Garden and swimming pool maintenance

You might be at the stage of building your new home at the Silver Coast of Portugal, refurbishing an existing property or just having bought your new Portuguese home; the best time to have the garden that you have always dreamed about adding a real additional value to your new Silver Coast property.

Whatever your needs are, we can provide the complete service creating a fantastic new garden or enhance your existing garden and turn it into your private paradise.

Our designer will not miss to present you in detail all the possibilities in and around your garden and once your “dream” is completed we can arrange year-round maintenance.

Our company “Villas Luz” will fulfill all your wishes in relationship to your garden and outside area in general whether you are looking for a simple or for a sophisticated garden, a lake or a swimming pool, our team will provide a perfect solution which reflects your ideas of a perfect “outside living” in your new property on the Silver Coast Portugal.

Project management Silver Coast - Constructing a new home or refurbishing and existent property

Villas Luz is only working with experienced and reliable construction companies along the Silver Coast and can handle the supervision from the beginning until the end of any type of construction. Our company has the resources and skills to complete any type of construction work to the highest standards.

Our experienced Silver Coast engineers and architects together with the best Portuguese construction teams are able to provide a complete start-to-finish solution and avoid that your future Portuguese dream property turns into a nightmare.

You will be informed on a weekly base about the evolutions on-site and we will send you every month a detailed report including actualized pictures of the construction. Our aim is your satisfaction!

Survey and technical expertise of your Silver Coast property

Villas Luz is working on a regular base with independent engineers who ensure the survey service and the technical expertise on Real Estate in Portugal for the best rates available on the market.

Before purchasing any type of real estate, their detailed written reports will give you the reliability of the property that is of your interest and help you to take your decision and put an offer on the property.