About Portugal

Well what to say about Portugal? If you Google the Internet you will find hundreds or even thousands of articles writing about Portugal. Some of them are strictly technical like number of inhabitants, political structure, geography, agriculture in Portugal, industry and much more…

Others are writing about the religion, the gastronomy, weather in Portugal etc. and in most of the cases it seems to be clear that the writers have never been in Portugal before.

Independently if these informations are wrong or right, good or bad there is definitely a lot to read about Portugal spread all over the Internet and Portugal seems to be no secret anymore, but is it true? Is Portugal really no secret anymore?

Well, through my professional day-by-day Portuguese real estate broker experience and being used to deal with clients coming from all over the world I think that for a lot of people and countries, Portugal continues to be a complete secret and for all the others including the Portuguese, Portugal still hides a lot of surprises.

The Perfect Place to Settle Down

After having lived 15 years in Germany, 8 years in France, 2 years in Italy and having travelled through all the European countries, most of the African countries and the Middle East I finally came back to Portugal. After these long years I was curious to see how I would integrate in my original country. 15 years has gone and I am still in Portugal.

A very rich Spanish friend of mine who lived in Obidos for long years and who bought a property on the Silver Coast of Portugal was used to travel around the world his entire life looking for the perfect place to settle down.

He explained his choice for Portugal in the following way:

There are so much paradises around the world but all of them has always one or several problems, or you have earthquakes, or you have hurricanes, or you have volcanic activities, or your have very high crime rates, or you have mass tourism, or it is just too far away. Portugal is certainly not the extreme paradise on earth, but comparing to all other paradises it is by far the best.

Portugal continues to be a prime location for all type of people coming from all over the world and beside the usual tourism also more and more searched for retirement, holiday investment or just pure investment purposes. Real Estate in Portugal has always been a booming market and it doesn`t seem to change. The lifestyle in Portugal is still unique comparing to so much other overseas investment countries and the incomparable mentality of the Portuguese continues to be the biggest attraction for our foreign visitors and investors.